Mark Bernier​

We are originally from Rhode Island. Here are some photos from our last visit to New England!

Chrissy (above), The Little Door (below)

Above: my niece Noelie (I drew this with fountain pens and water brush)

Currently, my wife Chris and I live in Irvine, California. I drew a picture of her (above). We enjoy exploring Orange County, and little-known nooks. We recently discovered the joy of swimming.

Some destinations in the L.A/Orange County area we've discovered/enjoy: 

  • The Fountain Pen Shop (in Monrovia). Owned by Fred Krinke, The Shop has been in existence since before World War II, repairing and selling both new and vintage fountain pens. Yes, fountain pens! This is (one of) the last of its kind, an arcane reminder of another world, and a fist in the eye of the complete digitalization of the human being. Or at least, that's my take on it. Go. For the Love.


  • The Last Bookstore (LA). Go now! See pics above.

  • The Lookout Roadhouse. A staggering view from which to enjoy a beer. People used to hang glide down the mountain from this spot.

  • Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Orange County: The Lost Bean; Kean Coffee (Newport Beach location); Hidden House Coffee Roasters; Tru Bru Organic Coffee.

  • Most memorable dining experience: The Little Door (West Hollywood). Going here was like stepping inside a bedouin's tent. Seriously. I felt like I had slipped into an altered state, as I contemplated the essential connection between life and ambience.

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The Last Bookstore (above)