Mark Bernier​

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I am a Visiting Assistant Professor (Research) of Philosophy at Azusa Pacific University, and a Research Fellow with the Notre Dame Hope, Optimism, and God initiative, through the Center for Philosophy of Religion. Here’s a link to my project summary: What is the Role and Value of Christian Hope?

The Hope initiative (click) involves a wide interdisciplinary field of scholars, including (e.g.) sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, and playwrights (it’s funded by a Templeton grant, and administered jointly by Notre Dame and Cornell).

I work mainly on Kierkegaard, existentialism, philosophy of religion, ethics, and philosophy of hope. 

I have a monograph published with Oxford University Press, The Task of Hope in Kierkegaard (late 2015). [Click on the cover image below for the OUP page.]

As it turns out, the subject of hope had been preternaturally disregarded in Kierkegaard scholarship (and until recently, this same trend existed in philosophy at large; though I’m happy to say this is no longer quite the case).